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Comprehensive production enterprises of synthetic materials and self operated import and export enterprises

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Shandong Jinhe Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jinhe Environmental Protection Materials Co。, Ltd。 is located in Taishan at the foot of Taishan Youth Entrepreneurship Development Zone, the company occupies 30 acres, construction area of 6000 m2, 110 employees, of which 38 were professional and technical personnel, is the professional production of geomembrane, Film, HDPE geomembrane series of geosynthetics integrated production enterprises and import and export enterprises。

The company's leading products are: geomembrane, composite geomembrane, geotextile, acupuncture geotextile, aquaculture film, geogrid series of geotextile materials…


  • The Development o

    The Development of Compound Geotextile in Green Ecological Application in

    Environmental problems have now become a consensus of all mankind, a lot of areas are trying to focus on environmental protection efforts. Whether environmental lovers, or environmentally friendly volunteers are working hard to promote environmental knowledge…
  • There is a di

    There is a difference between a geotextile and a nonwoven geotextile

    Geotextile is a new type of civil engineering construction materials, raw materials are nylon, polyester, acrylic and other polymer polymer synthetic fiber. Due to the different manufacturing process, divided into a geotextile and non-woven geotextile.
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