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How to choose a suitable domain name for your business?

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With the rise of the cybersquatting boom, people are paying more and more attention to domain names. Some companies even set up a cybersquatting department, which shows how important a good domain name is to an enterprise. Especially now, the slightly better domain names are almost all squatted. It is difficult to find a good domain name. We definitely have to choose a domain name, but how can we choose a new and distinctive domain name? Simply share the following points with you.

I. Based on the principles of simplicity, image, and easy to remember. Everyone knows that a good domain name can not only impress visitors, but also have a very important role in improving the company's visibility and traffic. For example, the domain name of Sina website is very simple. , Image, as long as the visitors read it, you can basically remember. In order to be concise and easy to remember, here are two methods:
1. Regardless of the combination of numbers, letters, or other combinations of domain names, strive to be concise and visual, so that visitors will never forget, such as,, etc. 163 is only composed of 3 numbers, even primary school students can remember it at a glance. 3721 reminds people of a well-known Chinese saying "regardless of 371", so if you think of this, you won't forget 3721 Already. I remember that Toyota had a slogan "There must be a road to the front of the mountain, there must be a Toyota on the road" is the clever use of the Chinese saying "There must be a road on the road to the mountain, and the boat goes straight to the bridge." , So this Toyota advertisement is also spread by everyone! The same as a domain name, it must have a certain vitality, make others associate, and it is easy to remember.
2. It is best to combine domain names with your own business or products, or their interpretations. Even if visitors forget your domain name, they can think of your company name or products.

Second, choose the type of domain name in accordance with the general practice. As more and more domain names are used, their types are also increasing. There are .com, .cn, .info, .gov, etc. Generally, the more commonly used is com, so It is recommended that .com domain names are preferred by general businesses.
At present, domain name resources are limited, and it can even be said to be very scarce. The domain name of an enterprise or website is not just a logo, it is also an important marketing resource to a large extent, so it is necessary to treat domain name registrations carefully.
To choose a good domain name, you should have the following basic elements:
(1) In the short-used domain names such as .com, .net, etc., many words or word combinations with few letters and certain literal meanings may have been registered by others, but there are still some methods to form shorter domain names. , Usually you can use the abbreviation of some words, or abbreviated letters plus a meaningful simple vocabulary. In addition, although English words have been registered, it happens that the Chinese pinyin is relatively short and has not been registered. Good choice.
(2) Easy to remember Generally speaking, common words are easy to remember, such as,, etc. However, other domain names with special effects or pronunciation are also easy to remember.
(3) It is not easy to confuse with other domain names. There may be several reasons for domain name confusion. One is the use of hyphens in the two parts that make up a domain name. The second case is the domain name with the suffix .com or .net. Belongs to different owners.
(4) It is also very important that it is not easy to misspell. A misspelled domain name, just like a wrong dialed phone number, is sometimes used by competitors to cause immeasurable losses, and some websites are specifically increased by others' misspellings. Click quantity.
3. Avoid the use of free domain names or second-level domain names for the long-term development of enterprises. As the saying goes, there is no free lunch in the world. Some free domain names may be newly registered for free, but in the next time, they will charge more than other merchants' fees. It is not worth it to use the one-year free for the long-term burden. And because it is free, many user registration materials will be controlled and controlled by agents under the name of "agent registration". Some users want to transfer the domain name after registering for free, but the agent will set a lot of restrictions, restricting the future development of users. Therefore, such free domain names may imply potential risks that harm the interests of users.

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