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Principles and tips for choosing a business domain name

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Principles of Domain Name Selection: When selecting a domain name, you must first follow two basic principles
1. The domain name should be concise and easy to remember, and easy to enter. This is the most important factor in judging the quality of the domain name. A good domain name should be short and smooth, easy to remember, and it is best to remember it at a glance, and it should be pronounced clearly without causing spelling errors. In addition, domain name selection should avoid homophones.
2. A domain name must have a certain meaning and meaning. Using a word or phrase with a certain meaning and meaning as a domain name is not only memorable, but also helps to achieve the marketing goals of the enterprise. For example, the company's name, product name, brand name, brand name, etc. are all good choices, so that the company's network marketing goals and non-network marketing goals can be agreed.

Domain selection tips
1. Using the Chinese phonetic alphabet of a company name as a domain name This is a better way to select a domain name for an enterprise. In fact, most domestic companies choose a domain name this way. For example, the domain name of Haier Group is, and the domain name of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is Such a domain name helps to increase the visibility of the company's online brand. Even if the company does not make any publicity, the domain name of its online site is easy to be thought of.
2. Use the corresponding English name of the company name as the domain name. This is also a way for many domestic companies to choose a domain name. Such a domain name is particularly suitable for some industries related to computers, networks and communications.
3. Using the abbreviation of the company name as the domain name Some companies have relatively long names. If you use Chinese pinyin or the corresponding English name as the domain name, it will be too cumbersome and difficult to remember. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the abbreviation of the company name as the domain name. Abbreviations include two methods: one is the Chinese pinyin abbreviation, and the other is the English abbreviation.
4. Registering a domain name for a company using the homophonic form of Chinese pinyin is not uncommon in practice.
5. Register a domain name for a company in a combination of Chinese and English
6. Network-related prefixes and suffixes are added before and after the company name. Commonly used prefixes are e, i, net, and suffixes such as net, web, and line.
7. Use words or phrases that are different but related to the company name as the domain name. In general, companies choose this domain name for a variety of reasons: Or because the company's brand domain name has been registered as a last resort, or it feels new. May be more conducive to online business.
8. Do not register the unique brand names owned by other companies and the brand names of internationally renowned companies. If you choose the unique brand names of other companies as your own domain name, it is likely to cause a lawsuit, especially when the registered domain name is an international or domestic famous company Well-known trademarks. In other words, when companies choose a domain name, they need to pay attention to whether the chosen domain name is a registered trademark name of another company.
9. Try to avoid URLs generated by CGI scripts or other dynamic pages
This kind of domain name has many disadvantages: first, it does not meet the rules that the domain name is part of the homepage; second, it does not meet the habits of netizens to use the domain name as a browsing target and judge their location; component.

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