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Domain name related basics

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What is an Internet domain name?

Internet domain names are the names of a server or a network system on the Internet. There are no duplicate domain names in the world. The form of a domain name is composed of several English letters and numbers, separated by "." Into several parts. For example, is a domain name. From a social science perspective, domain names have become an integral part of Internet culture. From a business perspective, domain names have been hailed as "corporate online trademarks." No company does not pay attention to the logo of its products-trademarks, and the importance and value of domain names have been recognized by companies around the world.

How do I apply the English international domain name resolution that I applied to my site?

If you also apply for virtual hosting in our company, and the DNS of the domain name is ours, and you bind your domain name to the host while applying for the host, our staff will complete the resolution work for you; if your space Not in our company, but the DNS of the domain name is our company, please email to our customer service specialist.

What is domain transfer?

Address redirection points a domain name to another existing site, which is called "URL FORWARDING" in English. The domain name points to the original domain name or URL of this site, which is more complicated and difficult to remember.

What are the domain names that Chinese companies can register?

The domain names that Chinese companies can register are broadly divided into international and domestic domain names. According to different top-level types, it can be subdivided into: .com (commercial organizations); .net (organizations engaged in Internet services); .org (non-profit organizations); (domestic business organizations); .net. cn (domestic Internet organization); (domestic non-profit organization).

What can I do if my domain name is registered by another organization?

If you look up a domain name and show that the domain name is already registered by another organization, and you have a preference for the domain name, you can first check the contact information of the owner of the domain name. Then negotiate the transfer with the other party. If the negotiation fails, you can only choose another domain name. The best way to avoid this passive situation is to query now and register now.

What is the difference between a domain name and a URL?

An example of a complete URL is: . The domain name corresponding to this website is People set up a host that provides WWW information and name it after the domain name. At this time, the name of this host is called www.domain name. When a visitor wants to access this host, the browser sends a data request to the host using the specified http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) protocol. For this reason, we describe a complete URL with the prefix http: //.

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