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Got ideas, no website?

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Do you have the following confusion?
1. I have a preliminary idea of the website, but I don't know how to implement it?
2. What should I do to build a website and what content should I provide?
3. A website is hundreds of thousands of dollars expensive and hundreds of dollars cheaper. What is the difference?
4. What is the process of finding a website on Aisin Network?

We help you!
First, let's take a look at the current website construction market. According to our many years of website construction experience, the website production is classified as follows:
1. Brand websites: Most of the customers are: FMCG, real estate, automotive industry websites, these websites are mostly made with Flash, or even full-site Flash animation
2. Business websites: large e-commerce platforms, such as B2B websites, B2C websites, vertical portals;
3. Event website, event-oriented website, more emphasis on design;
4. Small business simple website, simple design, basic functions;
5. Many SME website customers choose this method, we also provide 4 sets of common corporate website construction packages

What is the cooperation process like? ( Just 4 steps)
Step 1: Tell us the initial requirements;
Step 2: We give the proposal, completion time and cost;
Step 3: Confirmation of the plan, cooperation, first payment;
Step 4: The website is completed and the balance will be paid after satisfaction.

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