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Analysis on the disadvantages of the current SME website construction

Home > News Views2013-11-29 1:31:14

Problems with some SME websites:

1. The website pursues formalization, and the user experience is poor

The website is the image window of the enterprise. Professional art design can enhance the image of the enterprise brand. If you blindly pursue form, you can only backfire. Large-length animations and a lot of information layout make browsing and scratching your head! Enterprises should plan their websites from the perspective of users and respect the browsing habits. What can the website bring to users? How to make it easy for users to query? How to get users to get valuable information on your website? How to turn viewers into your loyal customers?

2. Poor interactivity

Most corporate websites lack interaction, and landers see information about their favorite products and services. Unable to interact with the enterprise. Some corporate websites do not even have a phone or online customer service. A website without interaction can only be a mandatory transmission of information, and cannot obtain user needs in a timely manner. Companies often lose most of their potential customers. If an online customer service is opened online, viewers can easily establish communication with the enterprise (online text, online free hotline, online QQ) will greatly increase the transaction rate.

3.Single website function, one-sided use value

The corporate website is not only the promotion of corporate image and products, but also the platform for the company's overall marketing activities and internal management. The overall marketing activities of an enterprise can be achieved through this platform. For example, the website of a law firm not only displays its strength and inquiries about laws and regulations, but also provides free legal consultation, providing free legal consultation for enterprises and individuals. Its services have been well received by users, and the volume of consultations has remained high, which has virtually increased the number of potential or direct customers.

4. The only website, one size fits all.

An international trading company not only has its own enterprise platform, but also set up an overseas website specifically for international trade, registering a local domain name overseas, using a foreign server, and building a multilingual website. Not only that, they have also invested in the development of large-scale B2B trading websites, which have now achieved profitability.

5 sites become information silos

The company's website is a platform for the company to communicate with the outside world. Most companies believe that once they have established their own website, they will do a good job of internet marketing. Customers will be taken to the company news. In fact, most corporate websites have become silos of information. How to avoid islands? How to make a website quickly? We can start by:

aLog in to search engine keywords and let your potential customers find you.

b Publish company information and product service information on major websites, expand the information area, and leave the website address of the enterprise.

c. Disseminate the company's news information and carry out news marketing. Establish an efficient and timely information dissemination system.

6 corporate website themes are not clear, innovation awareness is poor

Most websites use a uniform format with unclear themes. Who needs to see the website, what purpose to achieve, and what to attract potential customers to browse your website for a long time, etc. all need unified planning. The sense of innovation is not strong and the highlights are not outstanding.

7 Website performance evaluation is lacking

How many people visit the website, where they come from, how they find the website, what content they visit, etc. Data analysis helps the continuous improvement of enterprise products and services. The effect of network promotion can also be reflected intuitively.

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