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Several main principles of corporate website construction

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A website is a way for companies to provide information (including products and services) to users and Internet users. It is an infrastructure and information platform for companies to develop e-commerce. It is impossible to talk about e-commerce without leaving the website (or just using third-party websites). . The website of the company is called "Internet Trademark" and it is also part of the company's intangible assets. The website is an important window for promoting and reflecting the corporate image and culture on the Internet. Corporate website design is extremely important. Here are some principles to be aware of in website design.

Clarify the goals and user needs of the website

The design of the Web site is an important way to display the corporate image, introduce products and services, and reflect the development strategy of the enterprise. Therefore, the purpose of designing the site and the needs of the users must be clearly defined to make a practical design plan. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on consumer needs, market conditions, and the situation of the enterprise itself, keeping in mind that "customer" is the center, not "art" as the center of design and planning. Also think about it at the beginning of the design plan: What is the purpose of building a website? Who do you provide services and products to? What products and services can the company provide? What are the characteristics of the intended consumer and audience of the website? What expressions (styles) are suitable for corporate products and services?

The overall design plan has a clear theme

On the basis of clear goals, complete the website's concept and creativity, that is, the overall design plan. Position the overall style and characteristics of the website and plan the organizational structure of the website. The web site should have different forms for the service object (organization or person). Some sites only provide concise text information; others use multimedia expressions, providing gorgeous images, flashing lights, complex page layouts, and even downloading sound and video clips. A good Web site combines graphical presentation with effective organization and communication. To achieve a clear and prominent theme, the points are clear, and the theme of the site is reflected in simple and clear language and pictures. All means are mobilized to fully express the personality and taste of the site, and to establish the characteristics of the site. The basic components of a web site homepage include: Header: Identify your site and corporate logo accurately; Email address: Used to receive user inquiries; Contact information: such as ordinary email address or telephone; Copyright information: Declaration of copyright owner Wait. Be careful to reuse existing information. Such as customer manuals. Public relations documents. Technical manuals and databases can be easily applied to corporate Web sites.

Website layout design

As a visual language, webpage design should pay attention to layout and layout. Although the design of the homepage is not the same as graphic design, they have many similarities and should be fully utilized and borrowed. The layout design expresses harmony and beauty through the spatial combination of text and graphics. A good web designer should also know where a piece of text and graphics should go, in order to make the entire web page bright. The layout of multi-page site pages requires the organic connection between pages to be reflected, and the relationship between order and content between and within pages must be handled well. In order to achieve the best visual performance, the rationality of the overall layout should be emphasized so that the viewer has a smooth visual experience.

The role of color in web design

Color is one of the elements of artistic expression. In web design, different colors are combined according to the principles of harmony, balance and emphasis. Match to make a beautiful page. According to the influence of color on people's psychology, it should be used reasonably. According to the color memory principle, warm colors are cooler than normal colors; colors also have association and symbolic materials, such as red for blood and sun; blue for the sea, sky, and water. Therefore, when designing a virtual store selling cold food, you should use elegant and calm colors to make people feel cooler. There is no limit to the number of color applications for web pages, but multiple colors cannot be used without restraint. In general, first or two main colors are determined according to the requirements of the overall style, and those with CIS (corporate image recognition system) should be used. Use color according to VI in it.

Uniform web form and content

To organize rich meanings and diverse forms into a unified page structure, the formal language must conform to the content of the page and reflect the rich meaning of the content. Using the methods of contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and rhythm, and white space, the overall balance is established through the interrelationship between space, text and graphics to produce a harmonious beauty. For example, in the page design, the balance of the symmetry principle sometimes makes the page look dull, but if you add some dynamic text, patterns, or use exaggerated techniques to express content, it will often achieve better results. Dots, lines, and surfaces are the basic elements in visual language. Dots, lines, and surfaces are interspersed, complemented, and complemented to form the best page effect. The use of dots, lines, and surfaces in web design is not isolated. Many times they need to be combined to express the perfect design mood.

Use of multimedia functions

One of the advantages of network resources is multimedia capabilities. To attract the viewer's attention, the content of the page can be expressed using 3D animation, FLASH, etc. However, it should be noted that due to the limitation of network bandwidth, the transmission speed of the client should be considered when using multimedia to present the content of the web page.

Website testing and improvement

Testing is actually a process of simulating a user asking a website to find problems and improve the design. Take care to involve users in site testing.

Content update and communication

Once your corporate Web site is set up, keep updating content. The continuous update of the site information allows visitors to understand the development of the company and online positions, etc., and also helps the company to establish a good appearance. On the corporate Web site, carefully reply to users' emails and traditional contact methods such as letters. Telephone inquiries and faxes, so that you can answer questions. It is best to categorize the user's intentions, as generally understood before sales. After-sales services are handled by relevant departments. Visitors to the site feel the real existence of the company and thus generate a sense of trust. Be careful not to promise something you can't achieve, and don't implore users to enter information or list a lot of phone numbers that they can't answer in time before you can really handle the reply. If visitors are required to voluntarily provide their personal information, they should publish and carefully fulfill their personal privacy commitments.

Reasonable use of new technologies

New webpage production technology appears almost every day. If it is not a professional site that introduces network technology, you must use the new technology of webpage creation reasonably. Do n’t turn the website into a technology exhibition stand for webpage production. Always remember that users can get it easily and quickly. The information needed is the most important. For website designers, they must learn to track and master new technologies in web design, such as Java, DHTML, XML, etc., and apply them reasonably to the design according to the content and form of the website.

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