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How Quzhou enterprises use WeChat public platform QR code for marketing promotion

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Let's talk about what is the WeChat public platform used for?

1. WeChat public platform is a service product officially launched by WeChat.

2. At present, the WeChat public platform only supports the PC, and can be bound to private numbers for group sending.

Characteristics of WeChat public platform?

1. Everyone knows the difference between Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo, so I won't go into details here. The WeChat platform is definitely a trend in the future. Applied to corporate marketing, real-time is stronger.

2. "Here is easier to read" is the slogan of the public platform, especially for individual users. For example, following WeChat of a certain media, when certain events occur, news messages are immediately pushed to the mobile phone. This is the opposite of Weibo, one is passive acceptance, one is active acquisition; one is mandatory, and one is spontaneous.

3. The relationship between WeChat's friends is stronger than Weibo. All traffic comes from mobile phones. Based on the address book relationship, it is a strong acquaintance relationship and will become the biggest entrance in the future.

4. Weibo is one-to-many, suitable for media and spreading news, and WeChat is one-to-one, suitable for accurate delivery of news. In the future, the WeChat public platform will become a new promotion hotspot.

How to do WeChat public platform?

1. What is the positioning of your WeChat public platform first? WeChat is more suitable for enterprises and localization. The most important purpose of WeChat is to bring the most real-time information to consumers.

2. Wechat has to implement how to promote it. The promotion of WeChat is actually to increase the exposure of the QR code. The promotion is still sea, air and air tactics. It uses direct push from old users, QR code promotion in physical stores, QR card promotion in flyers, business cards, mobile phone text messages, mass mailing, forum posting, etc Available forms.

Once the resources are integrated, you need to understand how the WeChat public platform is used. Aisin website recommends some basic functions for you:

1. [Block Sending] This is the main function of the WeChat public platform, which can directly push the information that the enterprise needs to pass to the user to the user's mobile phone.

2. [Custom reply] This function can be turned into a fully automatic intelligent response function as long as the user's heart is attentive. Reply to the answer corresponding to the user feedback according to the keyword setting. For example, keywords related to contact information such as "phone" and "contact" are set. When a single user asks questions such as "how to contact you" and "how much is your phone number", the set answer automatically triggers the set answer to the user.

3. [Weisite] Using the WeChat public platform development model, you can make a 3G WeChat website and embed it into the WeChat platform to realize the powerful functions of a mobile website.

4. [Micro membership] The development mode can make membership-related functions, such as membership cards, membership sweepstakes and other marketing functions, allowing users to greatly increase the degree of attention and frequency of the platform.

5. [Microservice] The development mode can provide common service query through the interface, including weather query, courier query, lottery query, translation, encyclopedia and other related functions. Enterprises can select service functions related to themselves according to the scope of their industry. user.

6. [Micro Booking] provides online booking services, which can be used for practical functions such as car test driving, real estate booking inspection, hotel booking, catering ordering, hospital registration, etc.

Of course, the development model is not limited to the above functions. Customers can customize the functions that are more suitable for themselves according to their industry requirements for better marketing and promotion.

Aisin website provides the WeChat public platform development model, which can customize development functions for enterprises, provide a full set of technical service support, and let you experience the power of micro marketing!

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