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Why do businesses need a mobile website

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The era of mobile phone websites has struck strongly. By the end of 2013, the number of mobile Internet users reached 600 million. 33% of website traffic came from the mobile Internet and continued to rise. 56% of mobile Internet users spent more than an hour a day online, and 78% used the Internet more than once a day. 3G networks have become popular. In the construction of 4G networks, mobile websites are opening faster and faster, and there are fewer and fewer obstacles. The development of mobile websites is astonishing!

Why do companies need mobile websites?

Ordinary websites can be opened on mobile phones, why do we need to build another mobile website?

After the PC version of the webpage is zoomed on the mobile phone, the font size is small, it is difficult to see the size of the PC version of the picture is large, the page is large, occupying a lot of traffic, the webpage loads slowly, and you waste money. Does it look like that? Pick up your phone right away and try to open your website!

In addition to serving as a good face for enterprises on the mobile Internet, what other benefits does a mobile website have?

1. Publicity anytime, anywhere

Some customers have already started doing business anytime, anywhere on the mobile phone network they carry. Are you willing to lose that huge market?

2. Facilitate customer communication

The mobile website interactive functions are more diversified and user-friendly. Multiple contact methods let customers choose, and the chance of inquiry is higher!

3. Combining interactive promotion

Mobile websites can be better combined with Weibo and WeChat for promotion. Mobile application + mobile website = best user experience, which directly affects user transactions!

4. Seize search rankings

The search engine will give priority to the mobile version of the website on the mobile phone. If there is no mobile website, your business has been seized by others!

If you don't know too much about mobile website, please choose an experienced website construction company to create the era of all-network marketing for you!

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