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Research on Security Issues of E-commerce Website Construction

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Abstract: With the popularization of computer networks, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for people to obtain information and improve work efficiency. More and more companies have invested huge manpower and material resources in the construction of corporate websites, using e-commerce websites and supplies. Businesses or customers establish relationships and communicate with each other at the fastest speed, thereby improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. However, for the security issues in the construction of e-commerce websites, it is an important issue that is most easily overlooked by many enterprises. This article mainly starts from the process of e-commerce website construction, analyzes the security problems existing in e-commerce websites, and proposes corresponding issues. s solution.

In recent years, the vigorous development of e-commerce has become an important part of economic growth. As an emerging transaction method, the advantages of high efficiency and low cost of e-commerce have gradually been recognized by the public. The security of the e-commerce website that comes with it has become a major issue that must be faced. Reliable operation of e-commerce websites and effective e-commerce activities are the key to eliminating website users' concerns and expanding the user base.

I. Research and implementation of security in e-commerce website construction

The construction of e-commerce websites must not only consider the openness of corporate information release, but also consider the privacy of the transaction process. With the convenient service provided by the computer network, it is necessary to build on the basis of confidentiality of information interaction. In the process of designing, developing and putting into use of the website, only by solving the fundamental operational security issues, can we exert the powerful functional power of e-commerce and become an enterprise The focus of the two-way choice with the user is.

(A) the encryption process of sensitive fields

Any e-commerce website is basically a platform for information interaction. Only when the security protection of information transmission is realized can the basic construction of the e-commerce website be completed. Information released on the network must be protected from unauthorized tampering. For e-commerce websites, the risk of theft of private information during transactions between users is also an inevitable problem in network data transmission. Only from information security technology By improving the means and encrypting the information on the e-commerce website, it is possible to avoid the above situation and reduce the risk of users losing due to information loss. Using sensitive field encryption technology, using digital security certificate authentication for the browser client to identify the user's identity, information and access level, on the one hand, to ensure the privacy of user information, and on the other hand, to protect the website Information security. In addition, because sensitive fields are encrypted, even if the information is intercepted or stolen, it is difficult to crack the encrypted ciphertext, which prevents the risk of leakage of important information.

(B) the efficiency of data storage and query

Most of the consumer's access to e-commerce websites is based on information query. Improving the efficiency of website information query and accuracy of information retrieval can greatly promote the success rate of transactions between enterprises and consumers. Each consumer has their own consumer opinions and product performance concerns. Therefore, an e-commerce website is to avoid the entry of redundant information as much as possible during the data storage process, resulting in low query efficiency and reduced e-commerce efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly abide by the design specifications of the database, edit the information keywords published on the Internet, and edit the sensitive field system to improve the efficiency of the data storage space.

(3) Hardware key and identity confirmation

In order to protect the security of the Web page information, it should take the form of ActiveX controls embedded in the web page, and work together with the hardware key to protect the security of the web page information and the information sent by the user. When the user browses the website to generate a data stream, you can start the automatic download of ActiveX, or you can pop up a query dialog box on the customer interface to confirm the operation of ActiveX and remind the user of the protection status of the web page. The hardware key contains the user's private information and is connected to the Web page. After authentication, the transaction process can be ensured smoothly.

(IV) Security implementation in deployment

The basis of electronic commerce's technical support comes from the combination of computer technology and network technology. Information security has always been a process of eternity. The continuous exposure of security issues has also promoted the continuous maturity of computer security and network technology. Once the development of the underlying support technology has lagged, it is tantamount to exposing the problem to the construction of its own website, which provides an opportunity for information theft. The monitoring of the server and the security upgrade of the server operating system are the fundamental guarantee of security during the deployment and installation of the entire website. At the same time, the user's access to the server is restricted, and excessive user permissions caused by improper account partitioning can threaten websites. The server security situation is posted. It is specifically divided into FTP group, MAIL group, DNS group, etc. There is no cross between them, there is only one administrator account, and the password needs to be changed every week, and the passwords of other group users must be changed regularly to prevent password loss. In addition, it is also necessary to separate each function server to run the system independently to prevent a certain function failure from causing the entire system to crash. The connection between the server and the network will inevitably be attacked by viruses and vulnerabilities on the network. It is necessary to use powerful antivirus software to comprehensively protect the internal security of the server system, isolate virus infections, timely repair and monitor system vulnerabilities.

(5) Improving the technical level and overall quality of employees, and improving the management level of enterprises

First, strengthen publicity so that all e-commerce companies attach importance to the training of existing employees, improve the technical level of existing personnel, improve their safety awareness and their ability to deal with security issues. Second, we must strengthen the training of e-commerce talents. Make full use of various ways and means to cultivate professional talents in network, computer and management, as well as compound talents. Finally, we must improve the level of enterprise e-commerce management. Security issues not only have technical reasons, but also the incomplete management system is also an important aspect. Enterprises should establish a management system adapted to the development of e-commerce, carry out institutional construction, and improve the overall management level.

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